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  • Settled $400 million+ defect case involving halted construction of $9 billion, 67-acre development on the Las Vegas Strip.
  • Settled construction and related insurance issues with paving problems at large shipping container terminal.
  • Resolved a construction defect action in Miami, Florida involving a twin tower high rise building with the original claims in excess of $120M.
  • Resolved the coverage disputes preventing settlement of a construction defect action involving a water filtration plant in Vermont.
  • Resolved a multi-million dollar infrastructure dispute involving construction defects at a luxury resort in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Resolved both general liability and builders risk coverage disputes.
  • Resolved a construction defect suit in Hobe Sound, Florida involving a large apartment project.
  • Resolved a large commercial office building construction defect claim in Oakland, California by resolving the issues involving a complicated specialty insurance product.
  • Resolved a complex resort construction defect action in Napa County, California.
  • Resolved numerous construction defect actions involving multiple single family homes in large developments as well as condominiums.
  • Resolved numerous disputes involving Zurich’s HBPP and subcontractor default insurance programs.


  • Resolved a first party coverage dispute arising from smoke-tainted wine grapes.
  • Resolved contribution action between two carriers for the same insured. The underlying case was a pollution claim arising from a fire
    in a hazardous materials truck.
  • Resolved Fidelity bond subrogation action arising from landfill bribery fraud case.
  • Settled D& O coverage case regarding liability arising from an alleged embezzlement. Resolution incorporated disputes among the bank (plaintiff), the corporation, and the D&O carrier.
  • Settled coverage case arising from the collapse of the floor of a Las Vegas casino night club.
  • Resolved complicated first party $32M property loss claim arising from a hospital facility’s complex steam piping system.
  • Resolved case with coverage issues relating to a factory explosion.
  • Handled cases involving wine production: damage to wine caused by industrial producer, wine loss due to deficient facility maintenance.
  • Resolved an insurance coverage dispute regarding pollution coverage for gas station leakage in Marin County, California.
  • Successfully mediated the resolution of a coverage dispute involving the landslides a golf courses in Santa Clara County, California and Palos Verdes, California.
  • Resolved numerous insured vs. carrier disputes involving allegations of bad faith.

Non-Construction Insurance

  • Participated in the resolution of a copyright infringement action in Atlanta, Georgia with claim of over $100M by assisting with reaching
    a compromise of the insurance issues involving personal injury coverage for copyright violation.
  • Participated in the resolution of a substantial trade secrets action by assisting with reaching a compromise of Directors and Officers liability coverage issues.

Bodily Injury

  • Resolved the coverage issues surrounding a paraplegic bodily injury claim in order to settle the action.
  • Resolved the coverage issues preventing the resolution of a workplace bodily injury case in Houston, Texas.
  • Resolved a bad faith failure to settle action involving an auto bodily injury case.
  • Assisted in the resolution of a tragic wrongful death auto accident case by resolving coverage issues pertaining to the relative priorities of the auto policies involved.

Counsel Comments

"I am quite picky about mediators and do not apologize for being so. But when I find an individual who has the passion, intelligence, drive, energy and willingness to listen, absorb and then make decisions and who loves the strategic and high level process that big boy mediations can be, I wish to associate my clients with such an individual when opportunities present themselves. I say the foregoing because I find that [Craig] possesses these skills and attributes and they are rare."